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  John Norman
    James H
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      Thomas Jefferson
        Ruel Vandenburg
        Marvin Talmage
          Marvin Jr.
          Joel Thomas
          Herbert Coolidge
          Vivian Joy
          Nell Rose "Cookie"
        Thomas Gibson
        Felix Hobert
        Lincoln R. "Pete"
      William Andrew
  James Jr.


Marvin Talmage Broyhill Jr.
son of  Marvin Talmage Broyhill (Sr.)

     Marvin Junior was born May 15, 1918, in Hopewell, Virginia.  He married Audrey Elizabeth Wilson on Feb. 9, 1940 in Hyattsville, Maryland. She was born in Chesterfield County, Va. on Sept. 27, 1918.   The family always called him, "Junior," but he was not fond of the name.  He asked  his friends to call him, 'Mike."
     Marvin died in July of 1969.  When he was a small boy, he worshiped his grandfather, Thomas J. Broyhill, who told him, "I won't see it in my lifetime, but you will in yours.  We will put a man on the moon."  It almost came true.  On the day of  Marvin's funeral, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon.
    A comprehensive biography is being prepared. 
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Marvin Talmadge Broyhill III Nov.11, 1941 1E2-E1A
Ronald Paige Broyhill July 3, 1948 1E2-E1B
Deborah Audrey Broyhill Sept.12, 1948 1E2-E1C
Randall Paige Broyhill Sept.12, 1948 1E2-E1D

About the Kids

Marvin III - 2 sons
Paige - Drowned in the summer of 1954.
Debbie and Randy were twins.  Randy died in an avalanche while skiing in the Canadian Rockies in 1984.  Debbie lives in her parents house at 2541 N. Vermont Street; Arlington, Va. 22207.
(703) 524-0477.

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