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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
    William Allen
      Thomas Jefferson
        Ruel Vandenburg
        Marvin Talmage
        Thomas Gibson
        Felix Hobert
        Lincoln R. "Pete"
          Lincoln Jerry
          Reese Edward
      William Andrew
  James Jr.


Lincoln Roosevelt "Pete" Broyhill
son of  William Allen Broyhill


       Pete was born Nov. 10, 1901, in Wilkes County, NC.  Pete was a building contractor in Northern Virginia for many years.  He married (1) Anna Lewis, (2) Ruby Sprinkle, and (3) Ethel "Tilly" Blankenship.  Anna was the mother of Jerry, Sally and Betty.  Ruby was the mother of Reese.  "Tilly" had been his childhood sweetheart and they spent their golden years together.  Died March 1985
Lincoln Jerry Broyhill Sept. 26, 1930 1E2-K1
Sally Ann Broyhill March 11, 1933 1E2-K2
Betty Jane Broyhill March 20, 1937 1E2-K3
Reese Edward Broyhill June 7, 1946 1E2-K4

About the Kids

Lincoln Jerry Broyhill - Four adopted children: David, Judith, Joel and James Broyhill.
       Joel and James lives is Ashburn.  
SallyBroyhill  - Married Stewart McCowan in Feb. 1952. They had two children, then divorced. 
     Sally  married David Harper around 1958.  They had one child.
     407 655-6358.  Winterpark, FL
Betty Broyhill - Married Robert Graves in 1956.  In 1976, Bob was in the home improvement business. 
      He and Betty have 5 children.  Pensacola, Fl. 850 932-6441.    
Reese Broyhill.  Married Patricia Etter in April 1964.  They have one son, William. 

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