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Thomas Jerry Broyhill
son of  Ruel Vandenburg Broyhill


       Tom was born Oct. 5, 1910 in Wilkes County, NC. He graduated from William and Mary, then attended law school at Cumberland University in Tennessee.  He married Helen Bragg on January 18, 1941.  She was the sister of Jane Bragg, who married Tom's cousin Joel. Helen died of cancer in Arlington, Virginia on Feb. 15, 1965.  Tom married Nathan Lee Smith in 1966.  They divorced a year later.  He married a third time, but I do not have her name.
      Tom's childhood was spent in Hopewell, Virginia, but he moved up to Arlington, County, probably about the same time as the family of his uncle Marvin, circa 1939.  His uncle Marvin built the infamous "Broyhill Mansion" at 2561 N. Vermont Street in Arlington around 1950.  His sons, Joel and Marvin Jr., built their next door.   Tom built his across the street.  During the early 1950's their children were the only ones in the neighborhood. 
     Tom and his cousin Joel were close friends and often became entangled in business deals.   
     From 1952 through 1974, Joel was the congressman from the 10th Congressional District of  Virginia.  He sponsored a bill to permit real estate investment trusts and the day after it came into law, American Realty and Trust was established.  It was the first real estate investment trust in the United States.  Tom was its president. 
     Around 1960, Tom joined the M. T. Broyhill family in their development of Sterling Park, near Dulles Airport, just outside of Washington.  Marvin Jr. had put together the project which called for the construction of America's first planned community.  It was to eventually become a city of 20,000.  The project was a joint venture between the Broyhill family and United States Steel Corporation. 
     In 1974, Joel failed to win reelection to Congress.  Soon after that he began constructing a large condominium complex named the Representative.  It defaulted on its loans and it was soon revealed that they had been guaranteed by American Realty and Trust.  As it had no interest in the venture, the result was a federal investigation which stretched on for many months.  The author's has many newspaper clippings of the scandal.
   He died July 3, 1995 in Boca Raton, Florida
Susan Marshall Broyhill Sept. 4, 1942 1E2-B2A
Sandra McLearen Broyhill Sept. 4, 1942 1E2-B2B
Margaret Michele "Missy" Broyhill April 23, 1945 1E2-B2C
Sally Pendelton Broyhill June 2, 1947 1E2-B2D
Thomas Patrick "Pat" McGruder Broyhill March 17, 1951 1E2-B2E

About the Kids

Susan and Sandra are twins
Susan - Married John Jay Crawford in Arlington, Va. on April 18, 1964.  In 1976.
  They have at least three  children: Helen Christine, Kimberly Patricia and John.
Sandra - Married Herbert Lincoln Amon III on November 26, 1964. (703) 533-9559. 
   At least one daughter, Helen Louise Amon.  Married Epley.
"Missy" - Married Richard Nevitte Jr.
Sally - No information on her marriage.
Patrick - Born on  St. Patrick's day.  Lives in Marietta, Georgia.  (770) 971-4208
Tom worked with the MT Broyhill firm in the construction of Sterling Park, the first planned city in the United States.  The above shows Marvin Jr. signing the contract with United States Steel whereby the joined forces for the huge project.  Tom Broyhill leans over, his hand on the desk. The other two men are officials from United States Steel..

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