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    James H
    John E
    William Allen
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  James Jr.

Dozie Broyhill
daughter of William Allen Broyhill 


  Dewey Broyhill told me that she married Isaac Wilborn.  An Isaac Wilborn appears on the 1900 census for Little River; Alexander Co. NC.  He is age 33.  His wife is Dovie J. Wilborn, age 35.  In the household are seven Wilborn children raging in age from 2 to 16.
Gordon Broyhill 1882? 1E7A       

About the Kids

   Back in late 1960s, Dewey Broyhill told me that Dozie had a son named Gordon Broyhill, who had lived in West Virginia, but died during the 1960's.  Gordon had two sons: one of them graduated from North Carolina State, where he majored in textiles.  No information on the other son.  He also said that Dozie married an Isaac Wilborn.
    Gordon P. Broyhill is listed on the 1910 census in Wise County, West Virginia as age 28.  His wife is Dixie and they have an unnamed baby.  NC Death Records report that Gordon P. Broyhill died June 25, 1943, in Haywood Co. NC.






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