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George Chaplin Broyhill
son of  Thomas Davis Broyhill

 George was born march 21, 1845, probably in Tazewell County, Ill.  During the War Between the States, he served in Company A, 23rd Regiment, Iowa Volunteers. Arvia LaForce tells of a letter dated March 2nd, 1863, in which he thinks his unit will go to Vicksburg.  Another, dated April 1, 1863, stated that they were at Milligans Bend, Louisiana, where he was on picket duty in a river bottom.  They were only twelve miles from Vicksburg and could hear the cannon fire.
     Mrs. LaForce believed that he was killed at Vicksburg as did Dewy Broyhill of Moravian Falls.  I researched this several years ago at the Federal Archives but the only Broyhill buried at Vicksburg is Alexander, who served from Illinois.  Gene Knight wrote that he died May 13, 1864 at New Orleans. 
    Arvia Force descended from George's sister, Mary Ellen.  She was born in 1892 and in 1976 was living at Rt. 1, box 204; Mound Valley, Kansas. 67354.  Gene Knight also descends from Mary Ellen.  In 1976, he was living at Box 718; Riddle, Oregon. 97469. (503) 874-2489.

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