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  John Norman
    James H
        William Lewis
          Walter Scott
             Gary Eugene
             Bernal Lee
             Lattie Houston
         Clince F


John Lugene Broyhill
son of Walter Scott Broyhill
In 1976,  he lived at 1727 S.E. Mill; Roseburg, Oregon.  (503) 673-7439

    John was born March 8, 1916.  He married Bertha Church on April 27, 1937 at Roseburg, Oregon. He worked in the construction industry and his hobby was fixing television sets.  Social Security death benefits show that he died in August 1984 at Roseburg, Oregon.
Gary Eugene Broyhill  1939 1A3-A6A-1
Bernal Lee Broyhill 1942 1A3-A6A-2
Lattie Houston Broyhill 1945 1A3-A6A-3

About the Kids

Gary - Born Sept. 6, 1939.   Married Nancy Barkus   Three children.
Bernal - Born. Nov. 27, 1942.  Married Rose Hope. Two children.
Lattie "Butch" - Born Sept 6, 1939.  One child.



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