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James Broyhill
son of  Steven Broyhill


    Born in Elk Creek, Watauga County, NC on August 6, 1888.  He married Mary Whalen on December 12, 1919 in Jackson Michigan.  During WWII, he served in Company G of the 405h Infantry stationed at Fort Sheridan Illinois. He was one of the original forty men, who left the 40th to form the 78th Infantry.  He was the supply sergeant of that organization.  He lived most of his life in Michigan and died in 1967.
Lurany Martissue Broyhill 1920 1A3-A4A
Anna Norene Broyhill 1921 1A3-A4B
Thenila Marguerite Broyhill 1923 1A3-A4C

About the Kids

Lurany - born Sept. 22, 1920 in Jackson, Michigan.  Married Joseph Kosteno on March 2, 1946 in Jackson.  Graduated from Jackson Business University with a Secretarial Degree.  In 1976, they were living at 3501 E. Michigan Ave; Jackson, Michigan 49202. One son.
Anna - Born October 12, 1921 in Jackson, Michigan.  married William J. Rodloff on September 12, 1942 in Jackson.  In 1976, they were living at 2803 Page Avenue; Jackson, Michigan.  Phone ST3-1110.  Two children.
Thenila - Born March 26, 1923 and married Orville Hudson on May 8, 1948 in Jackson.  After the Apollo moon landing, she received a citation for assisting engineers in making circuit breakers for the space craft.  In 1976, she and Orville lived at 3747 Harshbarger Drive in Jackson.
(517) 764-3871.

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