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Jefferson W.Broyhill
son of  James H. Broyhill


 In my 1976 book, I wrote that a J W. Broyhill enlisted in the 7th North Carolina Militia in April of 1862, and died at Winder Hospital in Richmond, Virginia on July 29, 1864.  James H. Broyhill had three sons who had a first name starting with the letter J.  Johnson served in the 52nd North Carolina. After the war, he settled in Wilkes County and married Ruth Clanton.
   Thus the J.W. had to have been either Jefferson or James.  Jefferson is listed on the 1850 Wilkes Census as being 5 years.  He does not appear on the 1860 Wilkes Cenus, thus I assumed that he died as child and that J.W. was James.  That turns out to have been wrong.
    Several years ago I was contacted by a woman who in Illinois who descended from James Broyhill who moved to Mississippi around 1861, then later moved to Illinois.  This James appears on the 1880 Illinois Census living in Village Ridge, Pulaski County.  He is age 32, thus born around 1848. He was born in North Carolina.  He is a barber.  His wife is Kate; she is age 24 and she was born in Mississippi.  They have three children: Richard, age 6; Stella, age 4, and May age 2.
   Thus it appears that Jefferson was the J.W. Broyhill who died in 1864.



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