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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
    William Allen
  James Jr.


James H. Broyhill
son of  John Norman Broyhill


    James is listed on the 1850 Census of Wilkes County, NC as being 38 years old, thus the 1812 birth date cited above.  He married Rhoda Hampton in Wilkes on March 2, 1835.  It is not known if she was related to the Hamptons who married her aunts Sally and Francis.  
      Dewey Broyhill IE2-G told me that James lived most, if not all, of his life in Wilkes and was county officer. I have found no record of the latter. 
      Apparently he died before September 5, 1859, because on that date Rhoda married an Emeral Dowell in Wilkes.  Interesting, Roger Broyhill of Peoria recently located a grave in Illinois of a Hampton woman, who was married to the oldest son of John Broyhill. If this is Rhoda, what happened to Dowell and how did she get to Illinois?  
     The 1850 Wilkes Census lists their children as Adeline, age 13;, Thomas, 12; Steven, 9; Johnson, 7; Jefferson, 5; James, 3; and Ekhram?, 1.  the 1860 Census lists James 14; William 9; Mary 7, Kattie Jane, age not given; and Melody, 2.  Family records list Mitalda, Martha, Mary, James, Thomas, Johnson and Steven.  Thus there could have been as many as 13 children. 
Adeline Broyhill 1837? 1A1
Thomas Broyhill 1838? 1A2
Steven Broyhill 1842 1A3
Johnson Broyhill 1843 1A4
Jefferson Broyhill 1845 1A5
James Broyhill 1847 1A6
Ekhram? Broyhill 1849 1A7
William Broyhill 1851 1A8
Mary Broyhill 1853 1A9
Kattie Jane Broyhill 1855 1AA
Melody Broyhill 1858 1AB
Mitalda Broyhill 1859?? 1AC
Martha Broyhill 1859?? 1AD

About the Kids

These guys were not war heroes.
Thomas - Served in Civil War but deserted.  Murdered as young man. No known children. 
Steven - The ancestor of many western North Carolina Broyhills. 
Abandoned family and fled to Texas to evade Civil war Service.
Johnson - No known descendents, but interesting guy.  Served in Confederate army,
but either deserted or was captured.
Jefferson - No living male descendants. 
James - No living male descendants.  
Previously confused Jefferson and James.  One died during the Civil War and the
other escaped service by leaving North Carolina.  Work in progress.

Ekhram - Listed on 1850 census as being born in1849.  Not on 1860 census.
William - Listed on 1860 census as being born in 1851.  No further record.
The girls:
Adeline is listed on 1850 Wilkes Census as being 13. she does not appear on the next census, but she would then have 23. No marriage record for her found in Wilkes.
Mary - Dewey Broyhill said she married a Dulu.
Kattie Jane.  Listed on 1860 census.  No further record.
Melody - Listed on 1860 census.  No further record.
Martha - Dewey Broyhill said she died a young girl.
Mitalda - Dewey said she married a Frazier or Fraser.  No further record.

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