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    James H
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  James Jr.


Thomas Broyhill
son of  James H. Broyhill


    The 1850 Wilkes County, NC census lists him in the household of his parents as being 12 years old.  The 1860 Wilkes census names his wife as Nancy and there are no children in household. I have found no record of this marriage.
     On May 29, 1862, he enlisted in Company A of the 7th North Carolina Infantry. This was the same outfit that his brother James joined a month earlier.  His Confederate Military Records are at the Federal Archives in Washington and state that he born in Wake, NC in 1839, was over six feet tall, was a farmer prior to the war and deserted to the Union.
     According to Dewey Broyhill, he was murdered in  Avery County, NC as a young man.  The date of this death is conjecture.  No known children.

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