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Steven Broyhill
son of  James H. Broyhill


    The 1850 Wilkes County census lists Steven as eight years old.  The 1860 Wilkes census lists his as age 18, and head of his own household. His wife is named as Eugey and she is age 21. they live in blue Ridge Township and have one child, whose name is illegible, but from other records, it is probably Lewis.  He is then 3 months and 12 days old.  In view of their ages, they were probably married in 1858 or 1859, but no record of the marriage was found in either Wilkes or  Watauga counties. 
   Steven's grand daughter, Mary Cox, wrote, "My grandfather, Steve, left my grandmother when my Dad was only two years old and he never saw or heard from him again. There was a rumor that he went to Texas.  He was in the Civil War. 
William Lewis Broyhill 1860 1A3-A
Mary Broyhill 1861? 1A3-B

About the Kids

William - Many descendents.
Mary - Born in Triplett, NC which is in Watauga County, around 1861. She reportedly married a man named Minton and moved with him to Texas. Family members may have confused her with Mary Broyhill ID1-B, who also reported married a man named Minton.  No further record

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