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  John Norman
    James H
       William Lewis
         Walter Scott
         Clince F
    John E
    William Allen
  James Jr.


William Lewis Broyhill
son of  Steven Broyhill


    William Lewis Broyhill was 17 when he married Lurany Hampton on December 9, 1876. He was born in Triplett, NC.  Lurany was born October 6, 1855 in Wilkes County, thus she was four years older than her new husband.  In later years, she was called "Granny Lou."  She died November 11, 1961 at the age of 106.  
Annie Broyhill 1878? 1A3-A1
Voyden Broyhill 1880 1A3-A2
Thomas Broyhill 1886 1A3-A3
James Broyhill 1888 1A3-A4
Josie Broyhill 1892 1A3-A5
Walter Scott Broyhill 1894 1A3-A6
Mollie Broyhill 1896? 1A3-A7
Betty Broyhill 1898 1A3-A8
Clince F. Broyhill 1904 1A3-A9

About the Kids

Annie - Married a man named Triplett.  They reportedly had eight children, but I have the name of only one: Gordon Triplett, who reported lived in Boomer, NC in 1976.
Voyden - At least 4 children. 
Thomas - 6 children.
James - Moved to Jackson, Michigan. Three daughters. All lived in Jackson.
Josie - Married Ernest Roberts. Lived in Whitnel, NC.  One daughter named Evelyn.
Walter - Five children.
Mollie - Married Don Eller.  Lived in Cleveland and had at least one child: Lee Eller, a son.
Betty - Married Fred Cox.  8 children. Corresponded with her some 25 years ago.
Clince - Six children.

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