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  John Norman
    James H
       William Lewis
         Walter Scott
         Clince F
           James McDonald
    John E
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Clince Field Broyhill
son of  William Lewis Broyhill

1904-1949  Ref: 1A3-A9

    Clince was born Dec. 11, 1904, probably in Watauga County, NC.  He married Ruth Beulah Younce on July 2, 1921 in Watauga.  Clince died May 28, 1949
Burl Broyhill 1922 1A3-A9A
Hazel Broyhill 1923 1A3-A9B
James McDonald Broyhill 1926 1A3-A9C
Mollie O. Broyhill 1928 1A3-A9D
Evelyn Mae Broyhill 1933 1A3-A9E
Dewey F. Broyhill 1933?? 1A3-A9F

About the Kids

Burl - Reportedly lived in States of Washington.  3 children.
Hazel - born May 2, 1923 in Watauga.  In 1976, she reported lived in Hudson.
James - In 1976, he was living in Boone, NC.  One son.
Mollie - Born Dec. 20, 1928 in Watauga.  No further record.
Evelyn - Born June 3, 1933 in Watauga.  Birthdate three days different from Dewey?
Dewey - Born June 6, 1933.  Died in car accident May 17, 1955.  Never married.

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