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  John Norman
    James H
       William Lewis
            James Burl
         Walter Scott
         Clince F
    John E
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Voyden Broyhill
son of  William Lewis Broyhill

    Voyden was born July 16, 1880.  Watauga County, NC records his marriage to Lettie Carol on July 4, 1901; to Margie McGee on June 1, 1915; and to Susie Elizabeth Bean on March 23, 1935.  His son Charles was the only child born to Voyden and Susie. The rest were by Margie. Charles did not know of the marriage to Lettie.
    Dewey Broyhill named his children as James Burl, Euna, Robert, Charles Voyden and an unnamed baby that died at birt. 
      The 1920 census lists him as Boyden Broyhill, age 39, (b. 1879) living in Elk; Watauga County, NC.  In his household is Martha, wife, age 21; Robert, son, age 9; Vaughn, son, age 3; and James age 1.
     Voyden died on Sept. 12, 1971.  His obituary states that he was a retired factory worker in the furniture industry.
James Burl Broyhill 1920?? 1A3-A2A
Euna Broyhill 1922?? 1A3-A2B
Robert Broyhill 1925?? 1A3-A2C
Unnamed Broyhill 1928?? 1A3-A2D
Charles Voyden Broyhill 1934 1A3-A2E

About the Kids

James - Married Flossie Yates.  In 1976, was living in Hudson, NC.
Euna - Married Jack Simmons.  In 1976, living in Lenoir, NC
Robert - In 1976, living in Lenoir, NC
Unnamed baby - died at birth.
Charles - In 1976, lived at 937 South Blvd. Lenoir, NC.  (704) 728-9642.  Daughter Cynthia.

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