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Ernest Herman Broyhill
son of  William Allen Broyhill Jr. 
 Born Feb. 3, 1890 in Wilkes County, NC.  Served in the army during World War I. Married Bertha Ray and was last known to be in Tishomingo Oklahoma.  In August 1999, I found a now-invalid web page that cites that cites records from Condon Grove Cemetery at Johnston County, Oklahoma.
Broyhill, Bertha M. 1904 Condon Grove
Broyhill, Ernest Herman 1890 1986 Condon Grove
A related page contained records from Elmwood Cemetery in Wagoner County, Oklahoma :
Broyhill, Helen Rose 13 Sept 1932 21 Feb 1951 N. Main Row 26
Broyhill, Infant son of Mrs. Edna Broyhill
Broyhill, Infant Son 20 Mar 1940 N. Main Row 30
Broyhill, Robert Ernest 7 July 1927 16 Feb 1963 Section G Row 24
The last entry is interesting because of the middle name "Ernest," which suggests a relationship to Ernest Herman Broyhill.  However Robert Ernest was born in 1927, which suggests that he would be a grandson.
At least one son 1908??

About the Kids

Appears to have had one son, who in turn had a son named Robert Ernest Broyhill (1927-1963)
He was not old enough to have been the father of the Infant Broyhill who died in 1940, so there may be other Broyhills in Oklahoma.

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