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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
    William Allen
      Thomas Jefferson
      William Andrew
        McKinley Edwin "Mack"
        Ernest "Herman"
        Howard Mort
        Ira P.
  James Jr.


Iredell "Ira" P. Broyhill  (1902-1989 ), son of  William Andrew Broyhill
Zelda Howard, Broyhill (1896-1992 )
    Ira was born Sept. 21, 1902 at Moravian Falls, NC.  He married Zelda C. Howard on Dec. 24, 1924, in York, S.C.  In 1976, he was living at 4128 Stanhope Ave; Dallas Texas 75205.
(214) 521-9710. Clara was born in Charlotte, NC in 1931, so he must have moved to Texas after that date.
Lucile Broyhill 1925? 1E5-I1
Eloise Broyhill Feb. 8, 1927 1E5-I2
Kent Ira Broyhill Aug. 29, 1930 1E5-I3
Clara Ernestine Broyhill Sept. 11, 1931 1E5-I4

About the Kids

Lucile Broyhill (1925?-1976+), daughter of Ira Broyhill
?   Clayton.  (1923??-1976+), husband of Lucile Broyhill
In 1976, they lived at 103 Pool Lane; Clemson, S.C.  (803) 654-5453.
Eloise Broyhill (Feb. 8, 1927-2004, daughter of Ira Broyhill
James Hawthorn (1925??-1976+), husband of Eloise Broyhill
Kent Ira Broyhill (1930-1976+), son of Ira Broyhill
Beth Smith, Broyhill (Aug. 29, 1930-1976+), wife of Kent Ira Broyhill
Kent Broyhill 410 Durant; Mill Valley, CA 94941;  (415) 381-0445
   son of Ira in Dallas.; retired architect. 

Two children: Debby and Bradley
  Debby m. Bruce Gray lives in Dallas.  2 sons.
  Bradley Broyhill.  Lives in Greenwood Village, CO.
Clara Ernestine Broyhill (Sept 11, 1931-1976+), daughter of Ira Broyhill
J.C. Hunsucker. (1928??-1976+), husband of Clara Broyhill
In 1976, they were living at 723 Ploma Drive; Seneca, SC 29678.  (803) 882-2103.
They have three children. 

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