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Dewey Broyhill
son of  William Andrew Broyhill Jr.
Dewey was born Sept 14. 1897, and married Janie Lowe.  In 1968, I drove down to North Carolina doing family research and spent the night at Dewey's home in Moravian Falls.  We sat up through the wee hours.  He rattled off a tremendous amount of information about the family and I took copious notes. Without his help, it would never have been possible to tie together so many loose ends.  I believe he died prior to publication of the1976 book.  If memory serves me correctly, he then had the Family Bible of his father, William Andrew Broyhill Jr.
Virginia Ann Broyhill Jan. 29, 1929 1E5-G1
Mildred Pansy Broyhill Feb. 22, 1930 1E5-G2
James Herbert Broyhill Nov. 8, 1932 1E5-G3
Walter Thomas Broyhill Feb. 22, 1935 1E5-G4
Frances Edna Broyhill Jan. 5, 1937 1E5-G5
Lawrence C. Broyhill Nov. 27, 1938 1E5-G6
Linda Faye Broyhill Aug. 5, 1942 1E5-G7
Virginia - Married Benjamin Frederick Patterson. Two children.  In 1976, she was living at Box 406 Dobson, NC 27017.  (919) 366-4559.
Mildred - Married Marvin Ashley.  In 1976, they were living at 31 Barnett Drive; Sumner, NC
(803) 773-2427.
James - Married Janie Barry.  In 1976 they were living at Rt 2, Box 455; Connelly Springs, NC 28612 (704) 874-0218.
Aug. 99 - Who/Where lists James H Broyhill at 7741 Decker Rd, Connellys Springs NC 28612-8023 (828) 874-3845
Walter - In 1976, he was living at Miller's Creek, NC.  Married Hilda Tuckwelder.
Walter Broyhill at  697 Green Acres Mill Rd,
Millers Creek NC 28651-8774 (336) 838-3937
Frances - Married Jean Brison.  In 1976, they were living in Lenoir, NC
Lawrence - In 1976, he was teaching at Oak Ridge Military School at Oak Ridge, NC
He married Carolyn Harmon.
Aug. 99 - Who/Where lists  L C Broyhill at 1133 Broyhill Rd, Moravian Falls NC 28654-9469
(336) 921-3272
Linda - In 1976, she was living in Sumner, SC.

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