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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
      Jesse Fred
         Jesse D
         John Lee
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.

Mozelle Broyhill
daughter of John Lee Broyhill


   Mozelle was born in Wilkes County, NC on June 5, 1929, the twin of Mazelle.  Birth registrations list her as mother of the following:
Banner Olen or Allen Broyhill Nov. 16, 1947 1D5-E3A
Bonnie Virginia Broyhill 1949? 1D5-E3B
Larry Gene Broyhill Aug. 8, 1953 1D5-E3C
Georgia Marie Broyhill Aug. 5, 1954 1D5-E3D
Royal Glen Broyhill June23, 1967 1D5-E3E
Frank Morgan Broyhill Dec. 6, 1960 1D5-E2F

About the Kids

Georgia was born in Lenoir; all other other children were born in Wilkes County.
Banner - Died as a child on June 7, 1949.
Bonnie - Exact birth date not available because page torn from Birth Registration book.

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