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  James Jr.


Paul Broyhill
son of  Thomas Gibson Broyhill 
Found the following: 5107 Sir Sagamore Drive; Richmond, Va. 23237.  (804) 271-8290

Paul was born on June 20, 1917 in Hopewell, Virginia.  He married Evelyn People in Hopewell on Aug. 21, 1936.  Evelyn was born in Hopewell on May 20, 1919.   In 1976, they lived in Dunsford, Virginia where he owned an automobile garage.  
    Had a long telephone conversation with Evelyn on Jan. 17, 1987, which yielded the names and birth dates of the children listed below.  In my notes, I wrote 4741 Jordon Circle; Timmonsville, SC 29161.  (803) 346-5090.  Think it is her address and phone number, but not sure.
   Social Security death benefits show that he died in
Timmonsville, SC in Nov. 1985
Robert Gibson Broyhill Nov. 30, 1937 1E2-G2A
Katheryn Melvin Broyhill May 3, 1940 1E2-G2B
Charles Thomas "Butch" Broyhill April 24, 1945 1E2-G2C
Michael Loring Broyhill Nov. 17, 1947 1E2-G2D

About the Kids

Robert, Katheryn and Charles were born in Hopewell, Va.  Michael was born in Arlington.
Robert - 3 children: Laura Evelyn, Lisa,
Charles - In 1976, he was living with his parents.
Michael - 5115 Davis Ford Rd; Woodbridge, Va. 22192.  (703) 590-2133.

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