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George Washington Broyhill (1832-1870+)
son of Nathan

    George was born around 1832 in Tennessee, probably in one of the counties bordering western North Carolina.  He went with his parents to Georgia, then to Benton County Arkansas in 1857.
     In 1862, he enlisted in the 2nd Cherokee Nation Cavalry and served with it until the South's eventual surrender.  According to the Old Military Records Office of the Federal Achieves, it was an all-Indian unit, except for the officers.  In 1863, he son George Jr. was born. He also fathered a daughter named Mary, who was born prior to George Jr.
     After the war, he returned to Benton County.   Around this time his wife died and he never remarried.  The 1870 census shows that he was living with his mother.  George Jr. was raised by an Indian family and Mary was raised by a white family.     
George Washington Broyhill Jr. 1863  
Mary Broyhill    

About the Kids

George Washington Broyhill Jr., (1863-1925)  son of George Sr.
Flora McCall (1865-1900+)
     He was born on April 11, 1863.  On August 31, 1881, he married Flora McCall.  He lived his entire life in Benton County, Arkansas.  He died on March 4, 1925.  According to his daughter Bertha, he and Flora had six children:
      He is listed on the 1900 census of Benton County, Arkansas.  age 37, born April 1869.  His wife is Flora, age 34, born July 1865.   They have daughter Minnie, age 14; son Hansel, age 12, daughter Beulah, age 6 and a baby, named as "Babe."   
Bertha Broyhill married Earl Slusser.  In the late 1960's, they lived at 1827 Gold Street; Wichita, Kansas.  She was then 67.   They had a son, Hugh Slusser.
Charles Broyhill.  Died as an infant.
Hansel Broyhill.  Born Oct. 31, 1887, and his wife's name was Minnie.  In 1967, he was eighty years old and living in a nursing home.  Minnie was living at 459 St. Paul; Wichita.  They had at least one daughter.  Unknown child or children from first marriage.  His World War 1 draft registration states that he is from Decatur, Arkansas  and that is a farmer, single and Caucasian.
Beulah Broyhill.  No information other than she was deceased by 1970.
Vernice Broyhill. Died when eleven years old.
    In 1967, Hansel wrote that his grandfather was George Broyhill and that he had a brother named Paul.  On Nov. 8, 1967, his wife Minnie wrote me that she was forwarding my previous letter to his sister, Bertha.  She wrote that Hansel was divorced from his first wife when they were very young and his second wife, Minnie," wouldn't let his children come to see Hansel in the hospital."    In a second letter, she wrote, "Did you know there was Indian blood in the family?  Uncle Paul had almost enough Indian blood in his veins to draw Indian right.. 

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