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Mary A. Broyhill, daughter of Nathan

     Mary appears on the 1850 Cherokee County Census, age 15.  She is followed by Martha.  Both girls are the same age and both have names starting with an M.  They may have been twins.
      Elsie Stewart provided a Family Group sheet.  It states that Mary was born in North Carolina, but no date is listed.  It makes no mention of a twin.  Mary married Burton Mathis, marriage date not listed.  He was born Sept. 18, 1831 in North Carolina.  They had seven children: William Henry Mathis (b. 1861, Atlanta), Josie Mathis (b. Tenn), Ellen Marthis (b. Mo.), Emma Mathis (b. Mo.), Alexander Paul Mathis, (b. Mo.), Nora Mathis (b. Kansas), and Victoria Mathis (b. Kansas).  The Kansas State Historical Society provided an abstract of the 1885 Kansas State Census of Harper County. Burton Mathis is listed as a shoemaker, age 54.  Mary A. Mathis is age 51.  Both were born in North Carolina and came to Kansas from Missouri.  Since Mary was 51 in 1885, she was born in 1834.
     Emma Mathis was born in Missouri in 1871.  She married Alonzo Stewart.  He was from West Virginia and died April 25, 1893 at Hennessey, Oklahoma.  Emma died March 30, 1897 in Chandler, Oklahoma.  They had at least one child, W.B. Stewart, who ws born Sept. 21, 1886 and died in Harper Kansas in 1910.  W.B. had a daughter Elsie Ireta Stewart, who was born Dec. 8, 1911 in Maab Utah.  In 1967, she provided this author with information on her family.

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