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Paul Broyhill, (1844-1896+) son of Nathan

    The discovery of Paul's April 18, 1896 application for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation solved the mystery as to how his family was related.  See: The Broyhill Indians.    
       Paul's death certificate is on file with the Arkansas Board of Health.  It lists his date of birth as Jan. 6, 1844, born in North Carolina. His parents are Nathan Broy and Mary Parsons.  It lists her birthplace as North Carolina.  Paul was a retired farmer and he died April 15, 1931.
     He served in Company E.  Clemmons Battalion of the Missouri Cavalry from 1861 to 1865.  In his pension request he wrote that he served as a soldier in the army of the Confederate States, being a member of Colonel Clemmons Battalion Regiment of Cavalry from the State of Missouri and Arkansas; and that he was honorably discharged from service  on or about the June 22, 1865.  "I was captured by Federal soldier in a battle which occurred on the Osage River above fort School Kansas in October, 1864.  I was taken thence to Fort Scott, then to Jefferson City.  Then to Saint Louis.  Thence to Alton, thence to rock Island, Illinois, where in remained in confinement as a prisoner of war until after peace was declared being released June 22, 1865."   Elise Stewart wrote that he was wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge. 
     He was married to Mary Jane Brown.  Born Oct. 8, 1844, in Gravette Arkansas.  Her father was George Brown and her mother was Isibell Harrison.  She died in1917 and is buried at Bethel Cemetery, near Gravette, as is her husband Paul.  They had three children, all born in Decatur, Arkansas.  They are listed on the Application for Letters of Administration for Paul's estate.
    Paul is listed on the 1900 census as living in Decatur, Arkansas; he is age 55; born Jan. 1845 in Georgia.  Both of his parents were born in North Carolina.  In his household is Mary J. Broyhill, wife, age 57; and daughters: Alice, age 23: Annie, age 16.
Alice Broyhill.  .  
Attie Broyhill.  
Annice Broyhill.  Born  Aug. 12, 1881.

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