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Nathan Broyhill (1804-   )Son of John Norman Broyhill.
m. Mary "Polly" Parsouns.

  In 1967, I discovered the names of two Broyhills listed in Civil War records as fighting for the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Nation.  Additional research revealed that they were the sons of Nathan Broyhill.  The Broyhill surname is very rare and my research indicated that every Broyhill seems to have been descended from James, I was convinced that Nathan was somehow related. 
   That was reinforced by the discovery of a Wilkes County court record that cited the 1827 testimony of both Nathan and James Broyhill in the accidental shooting death of William Johnson. 
   Nathan was in Ashe County in May of 1830, when as Nathan Broy, he was ordered to work on the road from the Gap of Bee Knob Ridge. He appears in Ashe County court records four times between 1831 and 1839 as Nathan Broyhill, then four times between 1840 and 1845 as Nathan Bray. He is listed on the 1840 Ashe County Census as Nathan Broy. His wife is Mary Parsouns.
   It took me 40 years to discover how he was related.  See The Broyhill Indians.      
    Nathan appears on the 1850 North Carolina Census in Cherokee, North Carolina. Today Cherokee County is at the extreme western tip of the state, touching on Tennessee and Georgia. Nathan is a farmer.  His household contains:
Name Sex Age Place Born
Nathan Broyhill male 42 North Carolina
Polly Broyhill female 43 North Carolina
Emiline Broyhill female 20 North Carolina
George Broyhill male 14 North Carolina
Mary Broyhill female 15 North Carolina
Martha Broyhill female 15 North Carolina
John Broyhill male 13 North Carolina
James Broyhill male 12 North Carolina
Vocanny (can't read) male 10 North Carolina
Paul Broyhill male 6 North Carolina
Lucindie Broyhill female 4 North Carolina
Nathan Broyhill male 1 North Carolina
  The family next appears on the 1860 census for Benton County, Arkansas. Nathan has apparently died, as Mary is listed as the head of household. She was born in Tennessee; as was their first son George Washington Broyhill, in 1832. The other eight children were born in North Carolina.
     His son Paul's 1931 Obituary states that he was born In Ashe County, N.C. on January 6, 1844, and "came first to Georgia with his parents."  In 1856, his father pioneered on to Benton County and took up a homestead of 80 acres near Springtown.  As the family appears on the 1850 North Carolina Census, it must not have remained very long in Georgia.
    The 1860 Benton County, Arkansas census lists the following as living in the household:
Name Sex Age Place Born
Mary Broyhill female 50 Tennessee
George Broyhill male 28 Tennessee
John Broyhill male 22 North Carolina
James Broyhill male 21 North Carolina
Paul Broyhill male 16 North Carolina
Lucindie Broyhill female 13 North Carolina
Steven Broyhill male 10 North Carolina
William Broyhill male 8 North Carolina
Riley Broyhill male 5 North Carolina
The 1870 Benton County census lists the following:. 
Name Sex Age Place Born
Mary Broyhill female 59 Tennessee
John Broyhill male 35 North Carolina
Nathan Broyhill male 19 North Carolina
Paul Broyhill male 16 North Carolina
Lucindie Broyhill female 17 North Carolina
William Broyhill male 15 North Carolina
    Since Mary is listed as head of household, Nathan apparently died sometime after fathering Riley.   
Mary is listed as having been born both in Tennessee and North Carolina.  She is listed as age 50 in 1860 and 59 in 1870, thus she was born around 1810-1811.  .
     Mary Broyhill, wife of Nathan Broyhill is buried in Bethel Cemetery, near Gravette, according to Alvin Seamster's Historical Genealogical Museum in Garfield Arkansas.  Mr. Seamster gave the dates of Mary's birth and death as 1806-1875.
     The census records name the following children :
Name Born Place Born
Emiline Broyhill 1830? North Carolina
George Broyhill 1836, 1838 North Carolina
Mary Broyhill 1835? North Carolina
Martha Broyhill 1835? North Carolina
John Broyhill 1837? 1838?, 1835? North Carolina
James Broyhill 1838? 1839? North Carolina
Vocanny (can't read) 1840 North Carolina
Paul Broyhill 1844? North Carolina
Lucindie Broyhill 1846? 1857? 1867? North Carolina
Nathan Broyhill 1849  
Steven Broyhill 1850? North Carolina
William Broyhill 1852? 1855?  
Riley Broyhill 1855?  

About the Kids

Emiline Broyhill  (1830-1850+)
Age 20 on the 1850 census.  Not on later census records. Probably married.
George Washington Broyhill (1832?-1925).  
Mary A. Broyhill (1835? - 1899)
She is on the 1850 census and was the ancestor of Elsie Stewart    Continued. 
Martha Broyhill (1835?-1850+)  Appears on the 1850 census next to Mary.  Both girls were both the same year and have similar names.  They may have been twins.
John Broyhill (1835?-1870>)  No further record.
Appears on all three census records.  No further information
James Broyhill (1839?-1860>)
    Served in the 2nd Mounted Rifles of Arkansas (Confederate).  He enlisted Sept. 15, 1861 at Camp Cooper Mo. by Col McIntosh for a period of 12 moths.  He had to travel fifty miles to his "place of rendezvous". His horse was valued at $75 and it's equipment at $12.  The muster roll of August  31st to October. 31, 1861 states that had just enlisted and was 21 years of age.  His military records folders says that he was in Company E, but the muster rolls state he was in Company B.  The muster rolls for October 31st to December 31, 1861 state that he had died.  The cause of death is not legible.  His age was given as 20.  
Vocanny Broyhill?  (1840? - 1850+)  Very difficult to read.  Does not appear to be "William" although year of birth is very close.  No further record.
Paul Broyhill. (1844-1931).  Continued.
Lucindie Broyhill (1847?-1870>).
Bertha Slusser, (See George Washington Broyhill), wrote of Paul, [sic-] In later years, "He had a brother and sister living with him.  They called him Nate and her Lou.  Both were very old and never married.
Nathan / Stephen Broyhill (1848?-1870>). 
The 1870 census lists Nathan, age 19.  He does not appear on the 1860 census. Instead, there is Stephen, age 10.  They are probably the same person.  His probably the Uncle Nate, mentioned above.
Riley Broyhill (1855?-1860>).  Appears on the 1860 census as age 5.  He does not appear on the 1870 census.  He may have died as child.    

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